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Eden Boho Feather Leggings

Eden Boho Feather Leggings

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Eden Boho Feather Leggings - Perfect for everyday comfort, these ultra soft leggings feature 82% cotton and 18% spandex for unbeatable stretch and comfort. With a high waistband that's both flattering and comfortable, feel free to wear these stylish leggings all day long. Our Boho Feather Leggings from Eden take casual style to the next level.

ā€¢ 82% polyester, 18% spandex
ā€¢ Comfortable high waistband
ā€¢ Overlock and coverstitch seams
ā€¢ 1" wide elastic waistband for extra comfort

Size guide

Ā  2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL 6XL
Waist (inches) 37 Ā¾-39 ā…œ 41 -42 Ā½ 44 ā…›-45 ā… 47 Ā¼-48 ā…ž 50 ā…œ-52
Hips (inches) 48 -49 ā… 51 ā…›-52 Ā¾ 54 ā…œ-55 ā…ž 57 Ā½-59 60 ā…-62 Ā¼
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